DEATH Labs: Cyber Threats and Research by Netenrich

Netenrich threat researcher and security expert John Bambenek interviews leading security experts and threat researchers on the latest cyber threats and attacks, and what organizations need to do. Threat researchers, analysts, and SOC teams will gain insights on the latest techniques and approaches to advanced detection, investigation, and response. Learn how enterprises are modernizing outdated systems by adopting data analytics to gain increased visibility, intelligence and efficiencies to situations that matter. Come and enjoy the witty and humorous dialog backed by many years of cyber experience.

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Wednesday Feb 22, 2023

John Bambenek covers the rise of domain clustering of malicious phishing domains that security analysts need to care about. He is joined by cybersecurity expert Ed Gibbs, Field CTO at Whois API, who shares enlightening techniques on how to find, investigate and resolve these types of daily attacks.

Wednesday Feb 08, 2023

John Bambenek talks with security expert Ronnie Tokazowski, Principal Threat Advisor at Cofense, on the rise of behavioral-led attacks impacting organizations. Recent exposures involving romance scams and pig butchering techniques target people and their emotions involving business email compromises. Ronnie delves into the methods organizations can detect and prevent issues from escalating. It centers on finding the gaps that traditional point solutions and ops systems are not currently tracking.

Monday Feb 06, 2023

Host John Bambenek, threat researcher at Netenrich, interviews leading security experts and threat researchers on the latest cyberattacks and compromises impacting businesses today. Listeners will gain insights on proven techniques and approaches to advanced threat hunting, detection, and response.  Listen in to the witty and humorous conversations backed by decades of security and SOC expertise.


Welcome to the DEATH* Labs Podcast

John Bambenek, renowned cybersecurity expert and Principal Threat Hunter at Netenrich, interviews fellow security leaders on the latest cyberattacks and what you should do now to avoid them.

Get insights on advanced threat hunting, detection, and response techniques. Catch these conversations on the cutting edge of cybersecurity, with plenty of wit and humor, for security experts and newbies alike. 

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